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Service Date
  Gobble, Wallace Wilson   Portland, OR   Sep. 24, 2016
  Hall, Larry   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 17, 2016
  Chimenti, Lillian Irene   Woodland, WA   Sep. 10, 2016
  Michaelis, Bernita E.   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 8, 2016
  Dalen, E Sue     Sep. 7, 2016
  Becker, Evelyn Marie   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 3, 2016
  Rosales, Fabian G.   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 3, 2016
  Kreller, Richard Bernard   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 3, 2016
  Wellman, Alwyn Ely   Molalla, OR   Aug. 30, 2016
  Wardlaw, John Robert   Vancouver, WA  
  Horvath, Leslie S.   Vancouver, WA  
  Grine, Gladys Irene   Vancouver, WA  
  Simmons, Dorothy Lucille   Vancouver, WA  
  Busch, Gregory Ryan   Vancouver, WA  
  Ambrose, Kevin Ray   Vancouver, WA  
  Wolf, Randal Stuart   Battle Ground, WA  
  Krajewski, William Edmund Bockert   Vancouver, WA  
  Hoole, Joan Marvel   Vancouver, WA  
  Adams, Kenneth Ray   Vancouver, WA  
  Davis, Jerry    
  Parrett, Harold    
  McDermott, Molly E.    
  Miller, Virginia L.    
  McDermott, Molly E.    
  Ripley, Verna L.