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Service Date
  Boyea, Dorothy Louise   Vancouver, WA   Mar. 25, 2017
  Simons, Hall Mayfield   Vancouver, WA   Mar. 20, 2017
  Talbott, Manson Lee   Vancouver, WA   Mar. 8, 2017
  Fetauai, Jimmy Enokati   Portland, OR   Mar. 6, 2017
  Elrod, Shirley Faye   Camas, WA   Mar. 4, 2017
  Henry, Eloda Ruth   Indianapolis, IN   Mar. 4, 2017
  Clemmer, Richard Arthur   Ridgefield, WA   Mar. 3, 2017
  Peters, Gordon Ray   Vancouver, WA   Feb. 26, 2017
  Freytag, Kevin Michael   Vancouver, WA  
  Gausepohl, Adeline   Vancouver, WA  
  Hughes, Bill Edward   Vancouver, WA   Pending
  Huber, Lavon M.   Vancouver, WA  
  Hodges, Alma Lillian   Vancouver, WA  
  Holm, Patricia Ann   Vancouver, WA  
  Nunley, Dorothy Georgia   Battle Ground, WA  
  Baudry, Charles Haydel   Vancouver, WA   Private
  Durham, Elizabeth Blanche   Portland, OR   Private
  Brosam, William F.   Vancouver, WA  
  Waller, Richard L.    
  Hoffman, Larry