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Service Date
  Sechrist, Sandra Faye   Washougal, WA   Oct. 29, 2016
  Lantz, Sr., Wallace LaVern   Vancouver, WA   Oct. 3, 2016
  Andres, Kenneth Wayne   Vancouver, WA   Oct. 1, 2016
  Weber, Jr., Fredrick Arthur   Vancouver, WA   Oct. 1, 2016
  Holm, Norman Alvern   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 30, 2016
  Christmas, Teresa Rene   Goldendale, WA   Sep. 29, 2016
  Chamberlain, Miles Robert   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 29, 2016
  White, Evelyn LaVerne   Ridgefield, WA   Sep. 29, 2016
  Zoda, Reva Elaine   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 27, 2016
  Cieglo, Martha Ann   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 25, 2016
  Drury, Christine Susan   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 24, 2016
  Ferguson, Jimmy Ray   Vancouver, WA   Sep. 23, 2016
  Clifton, Alice    
  Langlitz, Christa Rae   Battle Ground, WA  
  Arndt, Berthold Werner   Vancouver, WA  
  Phillips, Deborah Kay   Vancouver, WA  
  Tucker, Billy Glen   Vancouver, WA   Pending
  Edinger, Violet Viola   Vancouver, WA  
  Berryhill, Don Hollis   Vancouver, WA  
  Lemon, Arthur A.    
  Arison, Judith    
  Kirchev, Ezra    
  Gooding, Dorothy E.